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Security News

Three Service Account Secrets Straight from Hackers and Security Pros

22-10-19 A survey of nearly 300 Black Hat conference attendees this year showed strong agreement that service accounts are an attractive target.

Cynet’s free vulnerability assessment offering helps organizations significantly increase their security

22-10-19 By monitoring their environment, companies can be ready to take action if any weakness – usually a software vulnerability – is found.

Survey Finds People are Privacy Hypocrites

22-10-19 A report by HP found that most people admit to looking at others’ computer screens and documents in the workplace while still keeping their own privacy top of mind.

Gustuff Android Banker Switches Up Technical Approach

21-10-19 A host of new features have been added to the malware.

U.S. Government, Military Personnel Data Leaked By Autoclerk

21-10-19 The travel reservation data, along with personal details, of hundreds of thousands was discovered in a database exposed online for all to see.

Turla Compromises, Infiltrates Iranian APT Infrastructure

21-10-19 The Russian-speaking APT stole the Neuron and Nautilus implants and accessed the Iranian APT's C2 infrastructure.

Avast Network Breached As Hackers Target CCleaner Again

21-10-19 Avast said it believes that threat actors are again looking to target CCleaner in a supply chain attack.

New Way Found to Use Alexa, Google to ‘Voice Phish’ and Eavesdrop on Users

21-10-19 Developer interfaces used by Security Research Labs researchers to turn digital home assistants into ‘Smart Spies’.

Microsoft Tackles Election Security with Bug Bounties

18-10-19 Researchers can earn up to $15,000, depending on the severity of the bug found.

Execs Could Face Jail Time For Privacy Violations

18-10-19 The bill is a direct shot at big tech companies like Facebook as senators try to reel in data-collection policies.

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In many countries, for example China or Poland, a big part of the internet is restricted. Either by government, ISP or simply by school/work sysadmins.
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