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Security News

Cisco Patches Critical Flaw In ASR 9000 Routers

18-04-19 The flaw could enable an unauthenticated, remote attacker to access the devices, Cisco said.

Ubiquitous Bug Allows HIPAA-Protected Malware to Hide Behind Medical Images

17-04-19 The ubiquitous nature of the flaw opens the door for rapidly spreading, crippling cyberattacks.

Researchers: Facebook’s Data-Leveraging Scandal Puts Users on Notice

17-04-19 After a report revealed that Facebook used user data to leverage its relationships with other companies, researchers are stressing that both firms and users need to re-assess data privacy.

State-Sponsored DNS Hijacking Infiltrates 40 Firms Globally

17-04-19 An ongoing campaign, active since 2017, has been stealing credentials via global DNS hijacking attacks.

ThreatList: Bad Bots Account for a Fifth of All Web Traffic, FinServ Hit the Worst

17-04-19 The financial services industry sees nearly half of all website traffic coming from malicious bots.

Oracle Squashes 53 Critical Bugs in April Security Update

17-04-19 Overall Oracle patched 297 flaws across multiple product as part of its April security update.

RatVermin Spyware Targets Ukraine Gov Agencies

16-04-19 Researchers are pinning a recent phishing campaign against Ukraine government agencies on the Luhansk People's Republic, a proto-state in eastern Ukraine which declared independence in 2015.

Wipro Confirms Hack and Supply Chain Attacks on Customers

16-04-19 The IT giant's networks were infiltrated and used to mount supply-chain attacks on its enterprise customers.

Windows Zero-Day Emerges in Active Exploits

16-04-19 Patched just last week, the Windows kernel bug is being used for full system takeover.

Malspam Campaigns Distribute HawkEye Keylogger, Post Ownership Change

16-04-19 After the HawkEye malware kit underwent an ownership change and new development, researchers are spotting the keylogger used in several malicious email campaigns.

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